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Taste Belgrade You cannot fully understand a new country or city if you didn’t participate in local routine and daily rituals. If you didn’t taste products and food, either typical for that destination or those which represent new trends in local cuisine, you are not able to think you have learned it all! After this tour you will feel yourself more of a Serbian Expert! Coffee at Dorćol The tour starts at prominent Republic Square blow the Big Clock in Belgrade’s downtown at 10:00 am. First we will start with a

  Discover the gemstones of Mother Nature and medieval culture in the flourishing Resava valley. Manasija Monastery First stop will be after a 2 hours drive accompanied by an interesting story of your guide – history expert. Learn some new things about Medieval Serbian State on your way to beautiful Šumadija and arrive somewhere in between the green hills of the vivid Resava River gorge where the medieval Manasija Monastery is located. This complex with a magic atmosphere was built as a real military fortification with towers and walls in order

  The walking tour portrays the most contradictory era of Serbia covering the period from World War II to 2000-s. You will learn about the towering figure of Josip Broz Tito, conspiracy theories and urban legends of Communistic Yugoslavia. Republic Square The tour departs at 12:00 from the Republic Square, most central meeting place of Belgrade. The guide will be waiting for you near the Big Clock and upon gathering will start the introduction to 50 years historical period of no more existing Yugoslavia. Republic Square hosts numerous monuments from the

  The tour starts when our guide picks you up at your accommodation in Belgrade. Head to Fruška Gora area, famous national park located 70 km from Belgrade and spiritual heart of the country with 17 functioning monasteries of Serbian Orthodox Church.   Sremski Karlovci First stop is one of 17 monasteriesin area of mountain Fruska Gora. This one is part of familiar legacy of Branković dynasty, one of the most important benefactor families during challenging times, Turkish siege. Next stop is Sremski Karlovci, small city which represents the true gem stone of Serbian

  The Danube, „old giant “or „the biggest among rivers“ is the cradle of many civilizations and cultures. Once the main bond between west and east and the border of powerful Roman Empire, Danube hasn’t lost its importance and nowadays is the route that connects eastern and western parts of the European continent. Danube is Europe’s second longest river with its flow of 2860 km, 588 km of which, maybe the most interesting ones, belong to Serbia. Danube on Serbian territory, vast and peaceful river, turns into fast mountainous

  In order to gain a complete picture of Belgrade, it is necessary to visit Zemun and New Belgrade, cities (precisely municipalities) within a city with particular identities and many stories that reflect their characters. As they are too much to pass it by foot, the perfect way is to cycle around them! Branko’s Bridge The group meeting is below the Big Clock at Belgrade’s most popular meeting place – Republic Square. After picking up bikes, tour will start upon crossing Branko’s Bridge, from right to the left bank of the

  Belgrade is perfect for walking tours if we speak about sightseeing at the centre of the city, but if you wish to rest your feet for several hours and see the sights that are relatively far, the best option would be the Belgrade Panoramic Tour. From interesting stories of our licensed guides you will get acquainted with Belgrade and see its sights from a better angle. New Belgrade The sightseeing starts on your way to New Belgrade side, part of city which was built in the 2nd part of XX

  Belgrade – the capital of Serbia – is one of the oldest cities in Europe, the city with extraordinary history that lays on two rivers, full of cordial people, nowadays – a modern city with numerous sights that are worth visiting. Saint Sava Temple The tour begins with the Vračar plateau, where we’ll see one of the most important sights of Belgrade. The square is dominated by the Saint Sava Temple, one of the biggest orthodox temples on the Balkans, and beside the temple is also a so-called small Saint

Belgrade is said to be the city of an open heart, generous and cordial to all visitors. This is why it is best to start meeting the city from its heart – the city centre. National Parliament In this tour you will see some of the most important sights of the capital. The tour starts in front of National Parliament. The monumental building was built in the beginning of the 20th century and is the best witness of the turbulent history. Across from National Parliament is the City Parliament or

If you are tired from walking tours, listening about history and cultural heritage, this is right tour for you! We take you on this tour to enjoy! See the most attractive view over Belgrade and taste the best brand of our national drink – rakia! The tour starts with pick up at your accommodation and with driving over slopes of Topcider hill with a great view over a part of Belgrade. Here lays Dedinje, considered for the wealthiest part of Belgrade because of numerous villas owned by the city's jet

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