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Resava Treasury


Discover the gemstones of Mother Nature and medieval culture in the flourishing Resava valley.

Manasija Monastery

First stop will be after a 2 hours drive accompanied by an interesting story of your guide – history expert. Learn some new things about Medieval Serbian State on your way to beautiful Šumadija and arrive somewhere in between the green hills of the vivid Resava River gorge where the medieval Manasija Monastery is located. This complex with a magic atmosphere was built as a real military fortification with towers and walls in order to protect Church of Saint Trinity from Ottomans. It was built during the rule of Despot Stefan Lazarević in the early 15th century. Turks conquered the Monastery in the 15th century, then Austrians in the 18th, so in the 19th century the Monastery was restored twice. Floor mosaics and wall frescoes along with architectural objects of Manasija represent a real rarity for Serbian medieval architecture and old Serbian painting. There are preserved ruins of the refectory and library that hosted Resava Scriptorium.

Resava Cave

The tour proceeds to the Resava Cave that was not discovered long ago so it keeps the title of one of the most interesting caves in Serbia. Resava cave and 11 hectare area around it is the natural monument protected by the State. Its corridors that are 4,5 kilometers long, cave decorations counting 45 million years, constant temperature of 7°C, humidity between 80% and 100%, are the reason why Resava Cave is listed among the most beautiful caves in the region featuring an unforgettable experience for all the visitors.

Lisine Waterfalls

The next sight is beautiful Lisine Waterfall located in mountainous green area. This waterfall presents a unique phenomenon among the accumulative tufa waterfalls of Serbia, and with its power and height of 25m it always takes the breath away from the amazed visitors. You will enjoy the view of crystal clear water and peaceful sound of nature. Isn’t the best place to have a lunch at? Enjoy your free time that you may use for a lunch with some fresh trout from the local pound!

Return in Belgrade in late afternoon hours, drop-off at your accommodation.


Departure: from your accommodation

Departure time: Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday @9h

Duration: 9h

Minimum for realization: 4 persons

Means of transport: minivan/bus

Private tours are also available on request


PRICE: 59€


Travel agency “Teos putovanja” d.o.o. Belgrade acts as agent. The tour operator is the travel agency “Tour operator”, license OTP 057/2015 from 17.12.2015, bank account 170-0030025756009-97.


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